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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Monterey Cat

A cat with a difference? Very cute, anyways...

Easy to medium difficulty.

Okay,  the reason this cat looks so different is that it is actually an otter.  :P
And the pattern's been moved, but I found the new link.
So enjoy your little otters, people.


  1. i want the pattern for this monterey cat it is so cute.....i mean adorable.

  2. lol this is an otter

  3. d@mn! must have been asleep when i posted this one :P

  4. Yeah... not free when I follow that link... you have a deceptive domain name. Though I do like looking through your posts sadly the patterns I've wanted are either pay or no longer available.

  5. I've just checked the link, and it does display the pattern in full, so I'm not sure why it's not working for you :(

    Anytime a pattern link doesn't work or the pattern is now charged for, please do let me know.

    There's so many patterns I've linked to now, that the only way I can keep up with which ones have vanished is if lovely people like you tell me. :)

  6. It's free but unprintable...

  7. I have always thought otters were rather cat like and think often of my cat when I watch them here in the Monterey area. This name is perfect.

  8. Hello: I found the pattern right away, but unfortunitely I don;t crochet. Only knit.
    thanks for your website, and best wishes..

    1. I'm the opposite, I crochet but don't knit.
      Unfortunately I can't even do that any longer as it plays havoc with my tennis elbow!
      So now I paint ;)


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