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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tony Tony Chopper

I have just fallen in love with the pure cuteness of this creature!
I think it's a reindeer...

Apparently he's a character from a story, but not one I've heard of.

{pattern chart here}
link updated: 20/02/2013

Note: this pattern is hard to follow because it's not a standard chart.
Maybe it's a type that is only used in Russia?
I can tell you that each "x" stands for one single crochet stitch.

Hopefully the photos will be enough to see you through!


  1. ILoveCookiesAndCandyAugust 20, 2011 6:38 pm

    And a V stands for double crochet and i guess that the reversed V stands for decrease... Looks cute ^^

  2. He's a reindeer bear... thing. He's from an Anime I used to watch. :) He was one of my favorites so I'm excited to make him, if I can figure the pattern out.

  3. hola amiga que lindo te quedo,me encanto precioso,te felicito,te deje regalito en mi blog,tambien te dejo bechitos,no me deja enviar mensajes bien,solo como anonimo

  4. it is from a manga called "one piece" ^^

    1. He's half reindeer, half something else that I can't remember... But yes he's from the comic OnePiece by Eichirio Oda. I've read all the books out so far (64 total...)>.< .

  5. ahah... we obviously miss out on a lot here in Australia!

  6. Squee! Chopper! Chopper's nose is blue, just so you know.
    Super cute.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. he is a reindeer that got turned part human and he's from One Piece

    He's my favorite character!! I Have To Do This!!! So Cute!>w<

  9. @Sasya ~ that's fine, it was worth figuring out the pattern because your little creature is so cute!
    Thank you for sharing with us all :D

  10. Name: Tony Tony Chopper
    Species: Reindeer
    Series: "One Piece"
    Brief Bio: Chopper is a blue-nosed reindeer who ate the Human-Human Devil Fruit, which allows him to change into a human-like form. He is a very skilled doctor. He is the youngest member of the Straw Hat Pirates (currently 17) and currently has the lowest bounty of the crew at 50 beri because he was mistaken for being the pet of the crew. Although he is highly intelligent, he is also very gullible and easily amazed, due to his age.

  11. Thank you for that further information on Tony :D

  12. Cute!! On the pattern, it looks like:
    - start by looking for the number inside a circle: chain that number, and join into a ring
    - as you thought, each 'x' is a single crochet, and the total number of stitches for that round is the number in ()
    - each 'V' is an increase made with 2 single crochet in one stitch, and each upside-down 'V' is a decrease from 2 sc finished together into one stitch; again, total number of sts for that round is the number in ()
    - haven't quite figured out the 'llll' vertical line thingy - any sugestions???

    1. And the 'x~x (5)' means keep on single-crocheting 5 stitches -- for the front legs, for example:
      -chain 5 and join in a ring
      -1 xxxxx (5) 5 sc into ring
      -2 x~x (5) sc in each sc: 5 stitches
      -3 x~x (5) same as previous row, etc.

  13. His name is Tony Tony Chopper, and is the doctor on the Straw Hat ship, whose captain is Straw Hat Luffy. He is technically a reindeer, who ate a Human-Human Fruit when he was younger. He was ridiculed by his family and was strongly pressured to leave the group. He was treated like a monster his entire life, until he met Luffy, who convinced him to join his crew. Chopper enters in episode 81 of the One Piece episodes, and joins the crew in episode 90. There. Now you know.

  14. I loved it but the link tells me that there might be and what I could pass my e-mail is the greatly appreciate it = D

  15. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for finding the new link to this!
      I've been distracted and didn't even realise it was broken.
      Hugs, Jane :)

  16. Does anybody know what the " | " vertical lines stand for in the hat? I really want to make this but I can't figure it out....

  17. Another broken link!
    Sorry everyone, I'm updating at the moment and trying to fix everything up again.
    Life just gets in the way sometimes :)

  18. The link has disappear. I hope someone can share the pattern because my nephew has requested for this particular amigurumi.


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