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Friday, 5 June 2009

Amigurumi Baby Bird Mobile

This baby bird mobile is absolutely gorgeous, and even though we don't have any babes in our home anymore (and won't, either), I'm very tempted to make one anyway.

It could hang from the vines strung across the ceiling of Wren's bedroom -when I get to it, that is...

Easy to medium difficulty.

{free pattern here}


  1. There are a couple of things waiting for you in my blog, the first is a prize for you, and the second is a challenge in yesterday´s post, you supose to upload the image, write 7 things about you an pass it to other 7 blogs. My blog is:
    I hope you ejoy them.

  2. Sorry I forgot to write taht those birds are super cute (~_^)
    Have a nice day.

  3. Precioso movil, realmente lo veo un poquito dificil. pero si lo puedo lograr, muchas gracias.

  4. I'd make it for future grandchildren

  5. how do I get this pattern?

  6. OH man, I too would LOVE this pattern, if you have it.

    wildmtnrose at gmail dot com

  7. Go to the website and look under Projects, then Yarn & Needle Crafts, then Baby.

  8. Does somebody have a pattern from the bird mobile and is it possible to send it to me/
    this would be great.

  9. Damn! I didn't notice that they'd moved the pattern.

    All fixed now - my apologies for the problem :D

  10. I love the TLC birds for the mobile. The only thing is the picture of the birds is too small, and there is no way to enlarge it. Can you guys fix that? It is really hard to see the details of the birds from this picture. Thanks Alot,


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