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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ideal Sphere

There's a lot of amigurumi balls out there, but I haven't seen such a perfectly shaped one before.

You could also use this pattern to make an orange (just stitch a mark on each end).

Another free pattern from Emily.

{pdf pattern here}


  1. hi, love u...!!!!
    thanks a lot.

  2. lol... thanks tessy :)

    - and anonymous ;)

  3. Wow! That sphere is very ideal!

    Thanks for posting links to all these amigurumi items and their patterns. I love coming to one spot for so many cool designs!

  4. Me encantan los patrones de la esfera perfecta. Tienen además algo de adictivos.
    Ideales para bolas de navidad.
    I love the patterns of the perfect sphere. They also have some addictive.
    Perfect for Christmas ornament.

  5. Thanks for the pattern! I just crocheted a tennis ball for my brother.

  6. can you please clarify??? is the pattern sc1,inc,sc 2,inc???
    because all I see is 1,inc,2,inc,1...

  7. @ anonymous, (clarify please!) you are correct!

  8. i don't understand the first row of the 10 row sphere!!! help...

  9. @anonymous (#5) -
    You need to chain 2, then do 6 single crochet into the first chain stitch.

    Alternately, you could try using the magic circle starter ring & do 6 sc into that.

    So long as your first row has 6sc then you'll do fine.

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you! A Million times thank you! I am doing a project that requires different size balls. I was just getting ready to search the internet, among the many patterns to find the sizes I needed. You have put everything I need in ONE document! YEAH!!!!!

  11. Thanks for sharing this! It's just what I've been looking for :)

  12. What does the I and IO stand for... sorry if this is a dumb question I am new at this :)

    1. I believe I and IO means 1 (one) and 10 (ten). The font is just a bit strange there.

    2. O, I feel dumb -.- Thanks!

    3. Sorry I didn't answer you on this LilDezzi - I didn't get an email about your comments for some reason.
      Luckily 'anonymous' came to the rescue!

      Hope you're doing well with the pattern now :)

    4. Any idea of the diameters of the various balls in the pattern? Thanks!

  13. Thank you, this has been so useful. Would you consider doing the same thing to make a perfectly round circle, rather than the gradual hexagon that we get after increasing 6 sts each rd? I know that they should be staggered to avoid the hexagon, but haven't found a good way to go on indefinitely.

  14. Hi, ı'm from Turkey and I'm new.. İ didn't understand how will I finish this sphere... :( I tried but didn't..

  15. What does the "I" mean? Sorry still a novice at patterns


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