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Saturday 31 July 2010

Mobile Bling Penguin

This little penguin pattern is tiny, and designed to dangle from your mobile phone strap -or your cell strap, if you're from the US ;)

Possibly fiddly, but fairly easy to crochet.

{Japanese chart pattern here}

{How to view English version of this pattern}


  1. Absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing the pattern. :)

  2. Just curious....can anyone translate the Japanese into English? I'd never figure this one

  3. Hi Have no idea read the pattern. Anyone have an English version?

  4. Super cute!! thanks for sharinng it. (n_n)

  5. Hi
    Another gorgeous pattern, thank you. This is the best website for Amigurumi, the best on the web. I can't read patterns like the tiny penguin either and would love to understand or know how to translate it. Sharing patterns like this can end up in a tiny cherished gift given to someone else, half way across the world. Thank you!

  6. The pattern's actually not impossible to follow.

    The giant circle at the left is for the head; an X represents one stitch, a V with the point facing inward means put two sc in that stitch, and a V facing outwards is a decrease. The lighter color on the pattern is where you would do the white from the picture.

    The box to the right of the diagram just shows how many stitches you have at the end of each row, and in ( ) is how many you added or subtracted.

    The smaller circle to the right is the body, you join them after.

    The little circle on the left is the arms, you need to make 2.

    The rectangle next to it is the mouth; it isn't worked in continuous spiral. I think it wants ch 3, 1 sc in second from hook, 4 sc total around end of second ch, 3 sc in other ch. Ch1, one sc in each stitch on second row. (This made sense to me, I apologize for confusion.)

    The rightmost circle is the feet, and also isn't in continuous spiral.

    Don't worry too much about the writing and the pictures will get you through it fairly well I think. The table at the beginning is just the colors you need, and you can get that from the pictures, I think. My Japanese isn't good enough to see if the hook size is mentioned, so I guess use whatever fits your yarn.

    (Sorry for the rambling)

    1. I haven't been able to actually open up or see the pattern. Can you post a link in English please?

  7. They are the best ramblings ever! I can now read and understand the pattern, you made it very easy. Thank you!

  8. Muchs gracias preciosa desde lima Peru te quiero mucho, hasta pronto. Besitos.

  9. Hi!, I´ve just follow you, I like very much your blog and I feel so happy for the free patterns cause I´m learning crochet (amigurumis) and it´s very important for me to find free patterns for practising.

    I invite you to my blog :

    Kisses , MARA

  10. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I awarded you with the "I heart your blog" award! congratulations!

  11. Thanks for the translation, you made that japanese pattern sound easy:-)

  12. Found the English version and will the link to Jane. ( couldn't post a link for some reason.

  13. Hi everyone,

    I'm so sorry I've been incommunicado for so long (over 2mths!).
    My CFS has been being a pain in the neck, but I'm slowly returning to the land of the living.

    Thank you so much to wynjara for the explanation of the pattern, that was fabulous :)

    And a huge thank you to Peggy for the link to an english translation!
    I've now updated the link in the post, and you will find that it directs you to the english version of the pattern.

    Plus, thank you all for your patience - not one swear word... lol

    Jane :)

  14. Hi ! I saw this amigurumi pattern et i immediatly fall in love <3 !
    But...i can't have it !!when i clic on the link , a window opens and then i have to fillin my email et my password,but I don't kno where i have to suscribe myself :(

    thanks for help :)
    PS:i'm sorry i'f i haven't great wrote,but i'm french

  15. I have just discovered your site and would love to be able to download them but cannot do it. I have attempted to subscribe via me email but no luck. Could you tell me how to do it. email addy

  16. hai jane,

    u d great, i luv ur blog, d best ever..

    d same issue with peggie, i try 2 download ur pattern but failed 2 do so. yes, i already subscribe aslo d same. thus, can u help me? please, please,please help me, email me at

    n 1more time, u the BEST, 4 thumbs up (including my feet, lol) i juz love ur amigurumi


  17. need password for pattern?

  18. I just saw that too.. does any one know what the log on is to get the pattern?

  19. disculpa me puedes pasar ese patrón? a una amiga le encantan los pinguinos y quiero hacerle uno de regalo y después de tanto buscar ese es el mejor n.n

  20. Does anybody know the log on information for this pattern is?

  21. Drama over people - and my apologies again for being out of touch.

    I've finally found out how to access the english version of the pattern and have posted about it today.

    {information here}

  22. it is so great to open the morning with your beautiful posts
    keep them coming

  23. Thank you for sharing this pattern! :D


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