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Unfortunately, patterns are forever disappearing or links changing.
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Saturday 28 February 2009

Gumball the Kitten Amigurumi

What a cute name for a kitten, almost as cute as "Mr Underfoot"...

Medium difficulty, due to small parts & sewing.

This is going to be another fave of the kidz, I can just tell.

Friday 27 February 2009

Crochet Easter Bunny in Carrot Dress

Love the dress sense of this stylish amigurumi Easter Bunny.
Isn't she adorable?

Medium difficulty.

Thursday 26 February 2009

Cute little puppy amigurumi

If only all puppies were so well-behaved.

This crochet creation perfectly captures that "butter wouldn't melt in it's mouth" innocence that puppies always seem to radiate.

Easy to Medium difficulty.

{original japanese pattern}

I've found a copy of the pattern in the wayback machine archives, but there are NO images, which will make this pattern much harder to follow.

Wednesday 25 February 2009

Swirly Iced Cupcakes

Don't these knit cupcakes look scrummy?
You could add all sorts of embelishments to decorate them.

Easy to make.

Tuesday 24 February 2009

Crochet Camel Amigurumi

Another great design by crochetville user KristieMN, this camel makes the perfect addition to a nativity scene or zoo.

Easy to Medium difficulty.

Monday 23 February 2009

Cheeky Turtle Tushie

I love the flower on this tiny little turtles' butt. Isn't it just gorgeous?

Easy to crochet.

Sunday 22 February 2009

Amigurumi Lord of the Rings Characters

This is a fantastic set of free amigurumi patterns, including Gandalf & Legolas, Aragorn & Boromir, and the Hobbits & Gimli.

The clothing pattern set is available separately for US$10 each.

Medium to high difficulty.

Sunday 8 February 2009

Knitted Amigurumi Lovebug

Not all amigurumi is crocheted, and this knitted lovebug is just so cute!

Medium difficulty.

I recently featured a similar crochet lovebug pattern.

Thursday 5 February 2009

Lovebug, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Wren & Bump would love one of these, but I'm not sure I'm quite up to this level yet. -Maybe next year.

Easy to Medium difficulty.

I also found a knit version of this pattern, and will feature it later this week.

{free crochet pattern here}

A HUGE thank you to Gloria for finding the new location of this pattern, when I had given up :)
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