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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Angry Birds - Red Bird

Hope everyone had a great Chrissy & New Years.
We had some lovely family time here.

This pattern is perfect for anyone who got an iphone as a gift, because this little game is one of the most popular iphone downloads around at the moment.

In fact, I can hardly wait to get one so I know what all the fuss is about!

{free pattern here}
requires free registration at


  1. Hi Gosh forgot too Wish Happy Holidays and too your family sorry just love your crocheting and ideas what would be a easy one for a starter? i do know how too make the chains etc. thanx so much renee by

  2. Love all the free patterns thanks you. You don't need an iphone to get angry birds, could also get the free app on an android.

  3. don't need an android either. Google Chrome I believe has it as well :)

  4. Que belleza!!! me encanta, gracias!! :)

  5. Wow... Great job! I love it!

  6. pattern is no longer available :(


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