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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Angry Birds - Green Pig

Another character from the Angry Birds game.

{free pattern pdf here}
requires free registration on


  1. Angry birds was kinda fun at first too kill time but got old real fast.

  2. My bf is currently obsessed with this game. His birthday is next month so I might have to make this and one of the birds for him!

  3. I love this ones!!!

    lovely blog!


  4. hey! thanks for this very huge collection of free crochet patterns.. it really helps me a lot =).. really.. It's kinda fun doing this stuff plus t also lets me earn here in our place.. love it!!!

  5. Good to hear people are still enjoying the links!

    Some are a bit out of date, so I'm doing my best to update & add a few more in the next while :)


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