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Wednesday 6 April 2011

Tiny Rabbit Amigurumi

Cute little rabbit with a fluffy white tail from Lucy Ravenscar.

Love those teeth!

{pattern here}


  1. Perfect pattern, i love it...and you! lol.Thank you so much, i am going to get started today and plan on making all differant colours so that I have an army of these cute critters (",)

  2. i love that there isn't much sewing involved! that's the worst part! thanks!

  3. ya did it again the rabbit and the tooth cute critter thanx renee must get started on some by renee

  4. Esta lindo!!! muchas gracias

  5. thx so so so so much my sister loves rabbits''bunnys'' and i just made one for her and i did it pink i am making a BUNCH of them cuz i cant get enough of them they are so darn cute and cuz my sis wants a ''bunny farm''she has a house set up for them and i make little blankets for them!! so thx for pattern!! so much!


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