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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Salvaging yarn from an unused sweater


  1. ¿ Est├ís bien ? hace mucho que no escribes
    Are you ok. It´s a long time you haven't posted.

  2. Great Ami's! Terrific blog spot!

    I will be stopping by visit often.

    I am having a crochet giveaway of $75 dollars in crochet supplies if you like to enter go on over to

  3. Thanks for asking, Bigunki. :)

    I'm slowly getting back to normal (for me, anyway), although it might be a while before I start posting daily again.

  4. Although I was a little disappointed that she "undid" a hat and not a sweater, (I want to use a sewater from the Salvation Army store) I did like that video. I especially enjoyed the one about making jewelry and will try that myself. I am posting this as "Anonymous" but my name is Kate if anyone wants to respond.


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