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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Ood Creature

The Ood, also known as Oodkind, were a race of telepathic humanoids in the Dr Who series.

{free pattern here}

note: you'll need to register at the ravelry site (it's free) in order to download this pattern.


  1. This is possibly the most adorable homemade Doctor Who creature I've seen to date.

  2. I love the Doctor Who series! This pattern is delightful. =)

  3. As soon as I saw the Ood I put my knitting to one side and started looking for a crochet tutorial. I'm now teaching myself how to crochet. Thank you for posting it and the other inspiring links. I've watched Dr Who since the first movie and have been a lifetime fan. Have you had any problems getting into Ravelry? I've not been able to get in for over a week.

  4. I just made this. I love him so much. Thanks for the pattern. I got confused while doing his hands and had to improvise.


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