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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I shall return...

Sorry I haven't updated here for a while, my CFS has turned me into a bit of a zombie & I've been focusing on other things like drawing zentangles & making artist trading cards.

I promise I will be back again and add more of the gorgeous patterns I've found on the net.

If you want to see what I'm up to lately, I've been posting my crafty efforts on my regular blog.

I'd love it if you'd call in and say hi :)

Take care,
Jane :)


  1. Hi Jane I have CFS too so I know how you feel! Thank you for all the patterns they make my boring zombie days go by quicker! :-)

  2. its great to hear from you!! i've been dropping by this website several times a week just to make sure if any patterns were uploaded. im glad to hear that you are doing well and will return to this website soon. this is,so far, my favorite amigurumi website!! take care!, a little girl who loves to crochet <3

  3. Hi there Andrea & Anon ;)

    Thank you both for your kind words, they mean a lot to me.

    It might take me a few weeks to get back to updating here again, though.
    Thanks for your patience!

    Jane :)

  4. Hey, I came across your blog from someone else's, I was actually looking for free patterns but what a coincidence, I have CFS too and mine has been quite bad lately too, I've had a lot of infections which doesn't help! I hope you are ok and feel better very soon, going to hunt through your blog now :-)

    Kitty x

  5. Hi. You and your CFS - I have an idea that you will be a huge encouragement to other 'battlers'. You will have a lot of 'bonding and encouragement' from now on. God Bless.

  6. Hola Jane, te extra├▒e mucho!!! espero que te mejores pronto, que bueno que estas haciendo otras cosas.
    Besos y abrazos desde Lima-Peru

  7. Hi Jane! I am a Finnish girl and I love this blog :D It's the best, really. I can well understand that you can't every day or even week to update the site. It's ok! Many greetings from Finland!

  8. Hiyas! I made another pattern for a crochet balloon. Perhaps you can put it on your website? Anyways, thanks for the update! Take your time, there's plenty of patterns on here to keep me busy for days. ^-^


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