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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Colourful Daisies

Brighten up your table with some flowers that won't ever die off.

{pattern here}


  1. I love the daisies. Thanks for sharing the pattern. I am definitely going to remember to share your site tomorrow with my crochet group.

  2. Thanks for the daisies pattern. I love it!

  3. @Glo ~ thank you, that's so lovely!

    @Sonya ~ I'm glad you like it, I can't wait to have a try at it myself. :)

  4. I crocheted the flowers without the pot. I really like them. I think I'll make brown-eyed susans from that pattern also.

  5. Send me a pic when you're done.
    I'd love to share your results :)

  6. Your patterns are just wonderfully done.
    Thank you for sharing them

  7. Thanks YarnYokel, but I can't accept the compliment - most of these patterns aren't mine.

    I've just collected their pictures & links here in one place, then sorted & rated their difficulty, so they're easy to find :)

  8. can u tell me : what's esc2 means??

  9. I think the "e" is a typo on the part of the designer, Diana Prince.

    "sc" is the abbreviation used in patterns for the single crochet stitch.

    "2sc" simply means that you need to do two single crochet stitches in a row.

    Hope that helps!

    Jane :)


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