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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Cute little puppy amigurumi

If only all puppies were so well-behaved.

This crochet creation perfectly captures that "butter wouldn't melt in it's mouth" innocence that puppies always seem to radiate.

Easy to Medium difficulty.

{original japanese pattern}

I've found a copy of the pattern in the wayback machine archives, but there are NO images, which will make this pattern much harder to follow.


  1. wheres the pattern

  2. I've found a copy in the wayback machine archives... link updated

  3. Hey! can you post the japanese pattern? I don't really understand this translation =/

  4. I'll have a look, but as the site is no longer active it will take me a while to figure it out...

  5. Okay, I worked out the link to the pattern without transation.

    Hope it's easier for you to understand :)

  6. please may you send me the link for this to


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